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Snakes may appear slow and lazy but they are quick-thinkers.

Behind their composure, they are actually very watchful. Men born in the year of the Snake are mysterious and well-versed.

They are polite and always know what to say. In uncomfortable situations, they can be relied on to crack a joke. These men also believe in love. They like showing sweet gestures to their significant others. One downside to these men is that they always want to be the center of attention. They become jealous easily which makes it a little difficult for them to socialize.

Women born in the year of the Snake are poise and classy. They are attractive inside and out. Their confidence exudes from the way they dress and appreciation for classic art.

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They also maintain high standards for friends. They have a strong desire for wealth and and power. Succeeding should not be a problem with their intelligence and set of skills. Their greatest downside is jealousy. They cannot stand the thought of others being more successful than them. Snakes and Monkeys have very similar personalities. They are capable of living in harmony as one is yin and the other is yang.

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Although they seem different, Snakes and Roosters are actually compatible. Snakes are attacted to the ability and taste of Roosters. Snakes and Tigers find it difficult to comprehend each other. A relationship between them is going to be filled with suspicion and coldness. Snakes perform well when they are tasked to do work that requires quick thinking and fast reactions. Regardless, Snakes must learn to listen and consider the thoughts of others.

Chinese Zodiac Women in Love

If they can do this, they will enjoy prolonged success in the workplace. Generally, the health of Snakes is largely influenced by their genes. Snakes are rather picky eaters and rarely think of following a balanced diet.

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  • This can lead to health problems later on in their lives. Snakes also do not like showing their emotions. They keep it to themselves and suffer from stress and anxiety. Having endured a rough previous year, the luck of Snakes will turn around in the year of the Rat. They just have to take good care of themselves and remember to relax. Many opportunities will emerge for Snakes in However, their chances will come by fast so they have to act fast. Snakes are expected to adapt to the pace of the year very quickly.

    If they are able to communicate well and stay committed, they will certainly enjoy a rise in success rate. However, the year may not be ideal for Snakes to invest in new ventures.

    Years and types

    It will be a mediocre year financially so they have to be more conservative. Peach Blossom luck is not particularly strong for Snakes in the year of the Rat. Those who are single may face difficulty when seeking potential partners. They will still meet new people but the chances of meeting their significant others are low.

    The Snake in Love - Astrology Manor

    Snakes who are married or romantically committed will have a steady year. They must settle their differences quickly and be brave enough to speak out as keeping their emotions bottled up can lead to some problems. The financial outlook of Snakes for the Year of the Rat are average. After all, people born under this sign are not sly, liable to strike out or can be seen as particularly dangerous types.

    But as always, I was wrong and the ancient astrologers were right. The Snake is patient, happy to work at things for a considerable time to get them right, but at the same time is capable of being extremely lazy. All snakes, human or otherwise, are fond of luxury and would much rather lie around in the Sun that actually do anything concrete. Snake people are definite sensualists, in terms of food, drink, clothing, personal adornment and, of course, sex. The average snake could well grow a little portly around the middle unless they get sufficient exercise, though this state of affairs may well suit them In return for your love you will find genuine devotion, a commitment to yourself and the family and a willingness to work diligently to build a better life day by day.

    You might not always discover the excitement you need, though it is easy to fall in line with the Snake mentality and to become hypnotised by that warm smile and comfortable attitude to life. You may easily wake to the dawn of each new day, thanking your lucky stars that your Snake is generally even tempered, always reliable and usually willing to do what they can to make you even happier The Snake person can be rather stubborn on occasions, and if you have the same tendencies this could cause a little friction, though all in all, and if you are flexible, you may never regret setting up home with the constant, likeable, comfortable Snake.

    If it is possible for a person to be all things to all men, it is likely to be the female Snake who comes closest to this adage. She has at her disposal most of the qualities that any self respecting man would also respect in a potential partner.

    Snake Chinese Zodiac: Personality, Love, Health, Career and 5 Elements

    The female Snake is warm, considerate, highly charged sexually and very fond of home and family. She usually loves to cook good food and is happy to be a homemaker, at the same time often holding down a successful career Your lady Snake will generally be busy, doing this or that, though she is not shy of spoiling herself a little too. She loves to sit for ages in a hot bath and would definitely be a beach reptile on holiday in the Sun.

    She could sometimes profess herself to be rather dull, and yet you would probably disagree with her opinion, for she has a good understanding of life, is invariably willing to listen to what you have to say and will rarely make excessive demands Under this charming exterior she has a tendency towards being quite stubborn if she is continually crossed and a reticence to relinquish control over anything that she things belongs exclusively to her.

    She can be something of a materialist, though is unlikely to be selfish over possessions and gets the greatest kick out of sharing them with the chosen few. You would rarely find yourself at odds with the Female Snake, because in the main she does not care for arguments. All the same she knows how to get her own way if it is really necessary and is not beyond some subterfuge if that is what it takes to get on Give and take from your direction will be appreciated and would make life more than happy in the fullness of time.

    This is a character who generally knows what he wants from life, and from relationships. From the word go it must be understood that he might not appear to be the most dynamic sort of person you will ever meet, though he does have much going for him in the reliability stakes. The male Snake is often quiet, gets on with things in his own sweet way and is generally good around the house in a practical manner. He may not seek too much excitement in this life, but he does know how to enjoy himself and will always put his family first If this sounds to be a dull sort of person, the truth is that it really depends on you.

    It would be fair to say that the Snake male who is left entirely to his own devices could turn into something of a domestic machine, which is why you will have to insist that the changes are rung on a regular basis. Under these circumstances the Snake chap will adapt easily, travel willingly and join in almost any sort of fun Snake men often seek to keep themselves fit, which is just as well because they are inclined to put on a little weight.

    They can be very artistic, full of abilities for making money and work well for themselves. Interests can be varied, but number one on the list is likely to be you. One word of caution however. Under no circumstances should you buy him a pair of slippers for Christmas.