Jupiter opposite saturn vedic astrology

Saturn is completely the opposite-hardship,struggles,isolation,and even bad luck-all the things we don't want! Although I do believe that all the struggle and delays Saturn creates do lead to growth and success in the end;through hardship,we grow,and what doesn't kill us is exacly what keeps us alive because it makes us stronger.

I can't really understand what are the implications behind the conflict of these two. I collected some opinions on this and did some research,but would like to hear other opinions so I can understand it better. Also,what would the difference be between the square and the opposition I know the square shows a point on internal tension and with the opposition the tension comes from the outside,but I'm just trying to understand the difference in the opposition and the square between these two.

Just for curiosity,you can find a list of all the Jupiter-Saturn oppositions since the site goes back in time to the early centuries but I thought this were the more significant ones here. All the best, Lissa. Last edited by Lissa; at AM. Find all posts by Lissa. Hi Fullmoon, Nice to hear your own experience with this aspect. I have this one too-with a8"orb lovely.

Planetary Push and Pull

I'm so intrigued about this aspect because it doesn't seem to affect me at all. I've read several descriptions of it and I simply can't relate to none of them. The only one I could relate to was Bob Mark's description-in his website,he talks about one of hsi teachers who had the opposition too,telling his teacher would say something one day and say the opposite the next day.

Contradictions-that's what my life is all about. I say one thing and change my mind five minutes later,but I feel like that's more related to the interaction between Mercury and Mars in my chart. I'm very familiar with the conflict between the need to take care of our obligations and be mature Saturn and the need to have fun,to act childlike Jupiter ,but that's just the typical teenager conflict so I don't give it too much attention.

I have to say most of my astrological "studies" revolve around this aspect,and I've been collecting different opinions about it's simbolism in order to reach it's deeper meaning.

Mars/Saturn ~ Hard Aspects

Some of the things I've heard: -That the aspects brings"limited expansion",because Jupiter expands and Saturn contracts well if one expands and the other contracts I guess this means we stay in the same place lol ; -That the aspect is connected to outlaws and people who live on the welfare and do nothing to contribute to society I have no idea how the person got to this one ; -That the aspect is a sign of mental disorders such as bipolarity; -That the person is seldom aware of how the aspect acts because it is more unconscious; -That the aspect limits one's chances for happiness and makes life kinda "boring",because Jupiter stops Saturn from causing major damage but Saturn restricts Jupiter's natural expansive nature-the result of this is that the person is basicly protected against major disasters and suffering but the chances for happiness are also restricted.

Blessings, Lissa. Had to laugh Lissa when you mentioned people who live on the welfare. I had a heart attack Xmas '02 which damaged my ticker and now live on a sickness benefit. Father died of heart attacks, I got lucky. AND my brother has bipolar depression. It was stress building up inside that blew my health. The opposition is 3 deg orb and I don't feel the opposition much. Probably because they are in mutable signs - swinging from one to the other is no big deal. Jupiter is also conjunct vertex. When a planet only rules bad houses it becomes a temporal malefic, bringing challenges into the person's life.

If a planet only rules good houses especially kendras and trikonas , it brings positive experiences into the person's life. Note: for assessing a planet's temporal nature, houses 2 and 11 are considered mildly good, and house 3 as mildly bad. So Jupiter ruling the 8 th and 11 th would still be considered a temporal malefic, and Mars ruling the 3 rd and 10 th a temporal benefic.

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See the next two items. Vedic astrologers use Whole Sign aspects, where planets affect every planet in the aspected house, regardless of orb.

Mutual Aspects: In Vedic astrology, when planets occupy the same house or are in opposite houses, they are said to aspect each other, I. In classical Jyotish texts, planets in the same house are said to be in association with each other. Aspects to Houses: All planets aspect the house opposite to the one that they occupy, whether there are any planets in that house or not. Mars aspects all planets and houses four and eight houses ahead counting the house occupied by Mars , Jupiter planets and houses five and nine houses ahead I.

Saturn In Astrology Effect

Planetary Weaknesses: Planetary war: When a true planet is within 1 degree of another true planet, a planetary war takes place. It is as if they are fighting for territory, and even the victor of the war gets bloodied. This is called Fall in Western astrology.

The degree of deepest debilitation, after which strength begins to return to the planet, is, respectively, 10, 3, 15, 27, 28, 5, Jupiter is weakest at 5 degrees Capricorn. Dark Moon: When the Moon is within 72 degrees of the Sun, it grows dark and loses strength. A waning Moon is significantly weaker than a waxing Moon given their distances from the Sun being equal.

Combust: When a true planet is within 6 degrees of the Sun, it is said to be combust. If within 3 degrees, it is seriously combust.

A combust planet has difficulty expressing its gifts, is weaker, and the themes of the houses it rules can become challenging. Planets are strong and stable in the signs they rule. Exalted: The sign a planet is strongest in. Saturn is strongest at 20 degrees of Libra. To have such a major life event indicated only by the forward sextile transit of Saturn is a clear example of just how powerful the sextile can be.

One consequence of Saturn's special aspects is that Saturn has a specific set of thematic impacts upon people, depending upon which houses it occupies and influences at birth.

Planetary Aspect

That is the focus of this article. Part Two: Saturn's House Placement and the impact of it's aspects We often look at the individual houses impacted by planets, which is a very useful endeavor. But in this article, we are focusing on the themes shared in common by two or more of the houses Saturn influences, so that we can discover confluent patterns in people's lives.

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For example, when Saturn occupies the First House, it influences both houses of success 1st and 10th and therefore delays, inhibits, or may even thwart worldly success unless Saturn itself is a strong yoga-forming planet. Note: if Saturn is strong, and it aspects or occupies one of its own houses Capricorn or Aquarius , then while it will still powerfully challenge the other houses it aspects, it will enrich the themes of the house it both aspects and owns.